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a resource of the Bioethics Institute of Loyola Marymount University


The Bioethics Hub is a resource for healthcare providers, bioethicists, scholars, and students in Southern California and beyond. There are academic articles, interviews with bioethicists, links to ethics-related news items, and local bioethics events.

This site is managed by the Bioethics Institute at Loyola Marymount University.


Facing Disaster: COVID-19 and the Ethics of Pandemic

October 28, 2020 (LMU)

The Bioethics Institute held the: "Facing Disaster: COVID-19 and the Ethics of Pandemic" lecture on October 28th, 2020.

This webinar, hosted by Bioethicist Roberto Dell'Oro, approaches ethical consideration in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. Speakers include: Dr. Nicholas Brown, Dr. Joseph Raho, and Dr. Gianna McMillan

To read more and watch the lecture, click here.

COVID-19 impact of trauma and stress on medical professionals

March 30, 2020 (LMU)

Bioethics Institute Professor Thomas V. Cunningham spoke with LMU Magazine about the impact of trauma and stress from the virus on medical professionals and staff people.

To read more and listen to the podcast, click here.


2020 Spring Lecture: The Ethics of Germline Modification

February 11, 2020 (LMU)

The Bioethics Institute held the: "The Ethics of Germline Modification" lecture on February 11th, 2020.

The event consisted of three 20-minute lectures about the cutting edge of genetics set the stage for moderated audience discussion. Speakers were; Bioethicist Roberto Dell'Oro, Health law attorney Jennifer Gumer and Legal expert Cesare Romano.

To read more and watch the lecture, click here.



This section features interviews with and narratives of Southern California bioethicists as well as students and faculty of the LMU Bioethics Institute. 




CRISPR and the Splice to Survive

January 11, 2020

(The New Yorker)

New gene-editing technology could be used to save species from extinction—or to eliminate them.



Read the article here

Deciding Who Should Be Vaccinated First

January 11, 2021

(The New Yorker)

Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (A.C.I.P.) recommended that covid-19 vaccines be given first to frontline health-care workers and adults over the age of seventy-five. Earlier in the month, A.C.I.P. had released preliminary recommendations and suggested that it would place the greatest emphasis on protecting frontline workers, in part because those workers are disproportionately members of hard-hit communities of color.



Read the article here.

Scientists are monitoring a coronavirus mutation that could affect the strength of vaccines

January 7, 2021


As scientists try to track the spread of a new, more infectious coronavirus variant around the world — finding more cases in the United States and elsewhere this week — they are also keeping an eye on a different mutation with potentially greater implications for how well Covid-19 vaccines work.



Read the article here



Below you will find bioethics events and opportunities. 

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If you have a bioethics-related event or opportunity you would like featured in our calendar, contact the Bioethics Institute Graduate Assistant, at BioethicsGA@lmu.edu, with relevant information.

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