Student Spotlight: Alex Duvoisin

Alex Duvoisin earned his Master’s in Bioethics in May 2017. He will be attending Loyola Law School this fall. 

Why did you choose LMU’s Bioethics graduate program?

As an undergraduate I majored in Philosophy and was fascinated by the ways in which normative arguments formed the foundations of the rules that govern our societies. I was drawn to bioethics because it applies these ethical theories to real world situations in which the “right” thing to do isn’t immediately clear. I was drawn to this program specifically because of its emphasis on teaching bioethics as an academic discipline opposed to the more clinical approaches other programs offer.

What do you like best about the program?

The professors are the best part of the program. They are able to offer their expertise while not eliminating the opportunity for engaging discussion. They lead the classes, but provide a space in which we can learn from one another as well as from them.

Have you developed a special interest in the field?

I am most interested in the struggles the most vulnerable populations face when navigating through our healthcare system. I have written papers on prisoners’ access to healthcare and on elderly patients’ access to potentially life-saving treatments that have yet to be approved by the FDA. The critical thinking skills I have honed during this program have helped me argue more powerfully and strengthened my claims in these papers.

What do you plan to do after you graduate?

Off to law school! After that I hope to find a job in which I can help enact policies that make the way people access healthcare more just.

How do you think your Bioethics studies will inform your work?

My bioethics studies have not only expanded my knowledge, but also improved my critical thinking and writing skills as well. I now can defend the positions I hold on key issues like abortion and the death penalty, but I can also recognize the flaws and strengths in arguments on any variety of topics. It is this analytical training that I believe will help me in my future work most of all