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Student Spotlight: Alexandra Martinez

How did you become interested in Bioethics?

Truthfully, I was unaware of the existence of the field until I took MCDB 60 Biomedical Ethics with Professor Cvrkel at UCLA during my second year. This was easily my favorite course I took during my undergraduate. Following MCDB 60, I also decided to take other courses on morality and philosophical ethics which opened my mind to questions of great importance that I had never thought of before. I had always had an interest in healthcare and a desire to play a role in minimizing the disparities that exist within the healthcare system. Originally, I thought of doing this as a physician, but with exposure to other fields, subjects, and questions, I began changing my desired approach—which is when I decided that Bioethics was the perfect next step for me.

What is something about your personality that has contributed to your interest in bioethics?

My curiosity to understand the way myself and others think and our motives for our actions has greatly contributed to my interest in bioethics. As I am evolving as an individual, I attempt to understand more and more why I think what I think, whether my thoughts are something I believe, and what values I hold closest to me when making decisions that have impact.  

What are some of your hobbies?

My favorite hobby is doing ceramic arts! I've been doing ceramics for about 1 year now. Ceramics is the #1 thing I do for myself that brings me joy and allows me to be fully present. I also have been boxing for about a year and a half.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Someone might be surprised to find out that I have three guinea pigs—two of which are hairless. They are the loves of my life. Their names are Sophia, Solana, and Sonora.

What is your favorite kind of food?

Indian food is my favorite type of food, specifically chicken tikka masala. I also really like Thai food and chicken nuggets. 

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