Student Spotlight: Anne-Marie Zamora


How did you become interested in bioethics? 

I started thinking about bioethics over twenty years ago when I was in nursing school, although at that time in my life I didn’t know it was bioethics I was thinking about.  As I interacted with patients I wondered and worried about excessive medical treatments, or undertreatment, informed consent, and equitable care. I grew to see the challenges held in the intricate balancing act of the benefits and burdens of care. Over the past twenty years I have grown to respect advancing biotechnologies that increase a patient’s quality of care in the hospital and improve their quality of life and dignity at home. Clinicians are faced with ethical issues every day, and the answers are not always crystal clear. Human beings are complicated. Diverse perspectives are beneficial for examining bioethical issues in patient care and in our global community.

Describe one of the best times you had as a child:  

I was born on an island in Michigan, a mile from Canada, population 500 in the winter and 1000 in the summer. House doors were never locked, neighbors took care of neighbors, and children ran around wild and barefoot like packs of wolves. We built forts in the woods, swam and sailed in the lake in the summer, and ice skated and built igloos in the winter.  My three siblings and I created our own world on that island. This idyllic outdoor freedom I experienced in my early years encouraged me to be curious about the beauty of the natural world; something I still treasure as an adult.

What are some of your hobbies?  

I enjoy hiking and trail running with my cattle dog and going to the beach and camping with my daughters.  I am a backward beekeeper, a lazy gardener, and I like watching good movies, eating good food, and drinking good beer.

What is my most significant accomplishment? 

Being Mom to my two daughters-- the best job I’ve ever had!


What is your favorite kind of food?  

It’s a draw between Asian dumplings, Korean bbq, and really good pizza.