Student Spotlight: Astrid Floegel-Shetty

Astrid is a recent UCLA graduate with Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and a Biomedical Research minor. Half German and Indian, she grew up in Los Angeles and Germany speaking German, Spanish, and English.     

Astrid is passionately committed to developing the skill sets for a career that lies at the intersection of bioethics, biostatistics, reproductive health, and teaching. Hardworking, meticulous, balanced leader and follower, big picture thinking, and versatile would best describe he. Astrid presently working at the UCLA  Department of Medicine Statistics Core, in the UCLA Bioethics Lab, and as a graduate student at LMU.


How did you first become interested in Bioethics?

My UCLA professor formally introduced me to bioethics through her introductory biomedical ethics class. The intersectional, thought provoking, and practically relevant subject matter of the course    captivated me. Under my professor's guidance over the years, I continued to grow my fledgling passion in bioethics and marry it with my interests in biostatistics, teaching, and reproductive health.

What is something about your personality that has contributed to your interest in bioethics?

Growing up in a multi-cultural environment, I engaged with a diverse array of audiences, each with their own values and ideas around which they structured their lives. This early exposure to human    nature’s diversity nurtured my curiosity about the principles by which we do and should conduct ourselves. This curiosity underpins my bioethics interest today.

Please describe one of the best times you had as a child?

Spending time with my grandparents in Germany over the summers was one of the best times I had    as a child. Especially walking the dogs through the fields with the extended family. 

What did you want to be when you grew up and why?

I wanted to be a vet or a teacher because I loved working with animals and children (sorry  W.C. Fields). Also, teachers were (and still are) some of the best people I knew in my life. 

What qualities in another person do you value and why?

I appreciate when people are self-aware of and can articulate about their boundaries. People like this tend to be the best persons with which to engage in reflective and honest conversation.