Student Spotlight: Babetta Aguirre

Why did you decided to declare a bioethics minor?

Going into my first semester at LMU, the bioethics minor had opened up, and I became interested in learning more about it. Even though I had never known anything about bioethics before its introduction, I felt that it integrated well with what I plan to focus on, career-wise. I am excited to see what the bioethics minor holds in store for me.


What are some particular bioethical issues you are interested in, and why?

Some bioethical issues that I am interested in are end-of-life treatment and trans-humanism. I think that in the present time we live in and the technological advancements that continue to take place, it is important to learn about the right and wrong aspects of life. 


What are some hobbies you enjoy?

I enjoy watching movies at home by myself or with friends and family. However, I find that there is nothing better than having a movie theatre experience while doing so. I also like listening to music and crime documentary podcasts during my free time.


What did you want to be when you grew up, and why?

When I was younger, I always knew that I wanted to study the human brain and body. I read countless books on these topics that detailed the number of cells in the body to the neural connectivity in the brain. However, I could never define what area I wanted to work in until I came across neuroscience. This is where I hope to specialize in and add a holistic approach to my profession as well.