Student Spotlight: Cara Crew

Born and raised in Omaha, NE, Cara received her B.A. in Television Production with a minor in History from Loyola Marymount University. She is currently the Craves Scholar and helps to maintain and produce content for the Bioethics Hub website. During the course of her studies, Cara has gravitated towards bioethical issues surrounding mental and behavioral health, as well as the subsequent medical and ethical treatment of individuals who fall into these spheres.

How did you first become interested in Bioethics?

Bioethics entered my personal purview through direct experience with close family/friends who were facing medical ethical dilemmas. Through my own research, I realized that bioethics went further than simply studying how these situations might converge with rising technological advancements. Bioethicists were also philosophers who aimed to provide guidance to persons grappling with extremely challenging, complex, and life-altering medical decisions. 


What is something about your personality that has contributed to your interest in bioethics?

It sounds like a bit of an oxymoron – but my fiery compassion. I have a desire to sympathize, compassionately approach and connect with individuals from innumerable backgrounds, cultures, situations, and socio-political spheres. Through experience, I have found that leaving emotion aside to invoke the reciprocity of empathy is essential to our human condition and the ability to engage with all walks of life. This engagement with others is vital to the world of bioethics.

What qualities in another person do you value and why?

I value honesty, integrity, authenticity, love of family and friends, and intelligence. These are characteristics that I have come to value because they were crucial to my upbringing and they define those that I've held dear to me throughout my journey of life. 


What might someone be surprised to know about you?

I absolutely love sports and am really, really competitive! 



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