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Student Spotlight: Christopher Iloha

How did you become interested in Bioethics?

I became interested in bioethics when I first heard about the scope of the field. My interest has primarily been in helping the Catholic faith move forward in its understanding of medical technology and the role it plays in our lives. After various years of working for the Catholic church, I have concluded that most catholic faith individuals are still upholding its traditional view. Although I understand and respect a person’s faith and view, I want to help the Catholic church and its members understand new medical technologies and their role in our lives. Since technology is continually changing, I think it is essential to know how it may impact a person and how religion intersects with this new technology.


What are some hobbies you enjoy?

I grew up playing soccer in my home town—a small town in Nigeria called Uturu. Back home, I played in the school team and participated in an abundant amount of competitions. Currently, I do not play soccer as often because of work and school, but I occasionally play with random groups of people at a park. I enjoy playing soccer rather than watching it, but I still find enjoyment in watching soccer teams compete against one another. I


What qualities in another person do you value, and why?

Although there are numerous qualities that I think should be valued, the quality of humility is the most important for me. Humility is perhaps the most important quality a person can have because it follows in the example that God set for all of humanity. For me, humility allows one to come closer and to understand God on a deeper level. I often reflect on the humility of God by reading Philippians 2:6-11 to see if I embody the teachings of God. During this reflection, I find the purpose of humility to be a person for others. Being a person for others means helping others becomes a better person, and in return, one also becomes a better person.  


What is something that you are proud of, and why?

I am proud of the relationship that God and I have because God has given me so much in my life. During rough times God has given me the strength that I needed, and when I went astray, God helped me find my way back. It is through this relationship with God that I can help people through their life struggles.

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