Student Spotlight: Julian Okoroanyanwu

Fr. Julian Okoranyanqu is a Roman Catholic Priest in the Diocese of San Bernadino, and a graduate student of the LMU Bioethics Institute. He received his Bachelors in Philosophy and Bachelors in Theology from Seat of Wisdom, a Major Seminary in Owerri, Nigeria affiliated with Urban University in Rome. 

How did you become interested in Bioethics?

I first became interested in Bioethics due to my background in philosophy. Ethics as a branch of Philosophy interested me, and I wanted to study its practical aspects. Therefore Bioethics, because of its relevance in our contemporary world, became the best option. The encounters I have with many people make it an imperative for me to be knowledgeable about the advances in the medical sciences.


What is something about your personality that has contributed to your interest in bioethics?

My quest for more knowledge and the experiences I have in my pastoral ministry as I encounter many people in the different countries I have worked in, have both contributed to my interest in Bioethics. Bioethical questions continue to arise in my ministry, and I needed more than a peripheral knowledge of these issue, therefore I have to delve more deeply into the study of bioethics.

What was one of your favorite memories as a child?

Being a child from a large family of ten, I enjoyed the times when all my siblings came back home, especially during a festive period like Christmas. Being the last child, I always got the best treatment and was doted on by everybody.

What is the scariest situation that you have found yourself in?

The scariest situation I found myself in was in the Caribbean in 2004 when I experienced a hurricane for the first time. Having heard about hurricanes in passing, I never knew it could be as scary as it was. I was praying for it to end. Thankfully, I survived.

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