Student Spotlight: Chidi Chileke

Fr. Chidi Chileke is a Roman Catholic Priest in the Diocese of San Bernadino, and a graduate student of the LMU Bioethics Institute. He received his Bachelors in Philosophy and Bachelors in Theology from Seat of Wisdom, a Major Seminary in Owerri, Nigeria affiliated with Urban University in Rome. 

How did you become interested in Bioethics?

My interest in Bioethics started during my philosophy classes in the seminary, and grew even more when I was taking classes in Moral Theology. Learning various topics, such as medical ethics, I knew I would one day pursue studies in Bioethics.


What are some of your favorite memories?

From the time I was little, I wanted to be a priest. I got interested in this profession as a result of the influence of some good priests in my parish when I was an altar server. 

Tell us about your time in the Caribbean!

My profession took me to the Island of Grenada to do a missionary work. My most cherished accomplishment has been my part in rebuilding the Diocese of St. George, Grenada after the Hurricane Ivan struck and devastated the island in 2004. The mission has not been without trials. In March, 2009, I was attacked by bandits and nearly lost my life in the process. God’s graces have been sufficient ever since.