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Jennifer Gumer, JD, MA

Part-Time Instructor  

Jennifer Gumer received her Juris Doctorate from New York University, School of Law, and her Master’s in Bioethics from Columbia University. Her interest lies at the intersection of policy and ethics, specifically concerning neuroscientific and genetic developments.

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Thomas V. Cunningham, PhD

Part-Time Instructor  

Dr. Thomas V. Cunningham is part-time faculty at the Bioethics Institute. He is the Bioethics Director for Kaiser Permanente West Los Angeles Medical Center. He received his PhD at University of Pittsburgh, in the History and Philosophy of Science. He is prolific writer and frequent public speaker.


Joseph Raho, PhD

Instructor at the Bioethics Institute 

Joseph Raho is a Professor in the Department of Bioethics at Loyola Marymount University. He is a clinical ethicist at the UCLA Health System Ethics Center in Los Angeles and a member of three ethics committees at the hospital. Dr. Raho lectures regularly for the "core ethics curriculum" at UCLA. 

Gianna McMillan, DBioethics

Acting Graduate Director 

Click here for Dr. McMillan's 2018 presentations to the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) from the perspective of a Patient/Research Subject Advocate. 


Roberto Dell'Oro, PhD

Director of the Bioethics Institute 

Roberto Dell’Oro is the Director of the Bioethics Institute and a Professor in the Department of Theological Studies at Loyola Marymount University. Click here to read his message to the community about the mission of the Bioethics Institute and our activities.

Nicholas Brown, PhD

Director of Bioethics Minor, LMU 

Dr. Nicholas Brown sits down to talk with Spectrum News to talk discuss Bioethics and Infertility: Are Doctors "Playing God"?

Dr Brown's research in bioethics focuses on how philosophical and theological conceptions of justice inform political discourse on public health and the distribution of health care resources and the ethical implications of biometric technology. Additionally, is a review of Dr. Brown's book "For the Nation: Jesus, the Restoration of Israel and Articulating a Christian ethic of Territorial Governance" published in the SCJR journal. 

Click here to watch and read the review.

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