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Student Spotlight: Larenza Elbert

How did you become interested in Bioethics?

My interest in the ethics of the health care field significantly contributed to my interest in bioethics. As an undergraduate student, I spent a lot of time volunteering at a clinic, primarily volunteering in the intensive care unit (ICU). During this time, my interest in clinical ethics began because, although rather unfortunate, I witnessed actions that I believed violated the general medical code of ethics. As a result of the actions I saw, I wanted to understand the ethics in play in the medical field.


What are some hobbies you enjoy?

Some of the hobbies that I enjoy are rock climbing, journaling, and reading. Rock climbing allows me to challenge myself physically and serves as a great way to get rid of any stress or anxiety. While journaling and reading serve as a creative outlet and as a therapeutic exercise. If I had to suggest one book, it would be the color purple because it speaks volumes to our current situation and because it is one of my all-time favorite books!

What is your favorite sports team and why?

My favorite sports team is the golden state warriors! Precisely because I think the line-up of players is phenomenal (the dream team!) and because I am a long time fan. Regardless of who they’re playing against, I will always support them. 


What is the scariest situation you've found yourself in?

It was Sunday night, and I decided to take a nap before finishing my final paper for one of my classes. I figured that I could take a small nap, wake up with a few hours to spare, and finish my paper before the midnight deadline. Unfortunately, I woke up at 11:11 p.m. and freaked out because I had less than 1 hour to finish writing my final. I finished and submitted my paper at 11:59 p.m. thanks to the adrenaline rush from panicking.

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