Student Spotlight: Lauren Morrison

Why did you decide to declare a bioethics minor?

I decided on a Bioethics minor because it offered me a perspective that combines ethics, Sociology, and medicine. In this way, I can better address the impact of systemic factors that affect health outcomes for patients from underserved populations in the context of psychology. Ultimately, I feel that this minor gives me a more comprehensive education that is imperative to the development of diverse perspectives in the realm of academia.


What are some particular bioethical issues you are interested in, and why?

I am interested in the accessibility of care, clinical research ethics, and mental health care treatment. Additionally, I am interested in the role of autonomy in care; specifically, the extent to which children should have autonomy over their own care. 


What might someone be surprised to know about you?

First, some might be surprised to know that I am an avid simmer. Meaning, I thoroughly enjoy the game ‘Sims’, and I like to play it in my free time. Another fact someone might be surprised to know is that I have probably seen all my favorite movies over 20 times.


What is your favorite destination, and why?

My favorite destination is definitely London. I enjoy the compact - but clean - city environment more than LA, and all the free museums. I had the opportunity to study abroad there before travel was shut down due to COVID, and I cannot wait to go back as soon as it is safe!


What do you plan to do after you graduate?

After I graduate, I hope to pursue additional research through a graduate program in Clinical Psychology. Specifically, I am interested in assessing the relationship between socio-environmental factors and ailments, to evaluate their impact on the psychological functioning of Black children. It is my ultimate goal to become a pediatric clinician who can effectively help children navigate burdensome aspects of their environment, resulting in better mental health outcomes.