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Mary Jo Iozzio Ph.D.

Please welcome our O’Malley Visiting Scholar, Professor Mary Jo Iozzio, a well-known theologian of national and international repute, who comes to us, this semester, from Boston College. 


She is currently teaching an elective class in the master's program called, Bioethics and Disability, and will dedicate her presence at the Institute to present on the topic in various venues.

To watch her October 16 lecture  "Radical Bioethics: Disability, Difference,

and Desiderata". Click here


Mary Jo Iozzio, PhD, earned her doctorate in Systematic Theology

with a focus on Moral Theology from Fordham University (1994);

and, in an earlier program of graduate studies at Fordham, she

earned the MA in the History of Religions (1984). More recently with

a thesis on Disability Justice she earned the STL (License in Sacred

Theology) degree from the Ecclesiastical Faculty at Boston College

(2019). In between these studies she earned an MA in Biblical Studies

from Providence College (1987). Before coming to the STM, she was

Professor of Moral Theology at Barry University, Miami Shores, FL

(1993-2013), and adjunct instructor at Fordham University, Providence

College, and the University of Rhode Island. She has been formed by

both religious and secular education systems:  the Dominican Sisters of Newburgh, NY, who ran St. Mary School, and John F. Kennedy P.H.S. in Paterson, NJ, and the Pennsylvania State University (BA Ancient History, 1977). Her personal and professional life have been marked —happily she adds—by the Jesuits, Dominicans, and Benedictines (whose monks welcomed her into their daily life at the Abbaye du Mont Cesar/Abdij Keizersberg, Leuven, Belgium).

She is the Series Editor of Content and Context in Theological Ethics, published by Palgrave Macmillan; Capo/Coordinator of and Contributor to the North American Forum of The First (newsletter of the Catholic Theological Ethicists in the World Church); past Co-Editor of the Journal of the Society of Christian Ethics; and guest editor of the Journal of Religion, Disability and Health; and guest editor of the Journal of Moral Theology.

She serves as inaugural member on the American Academy of Religion, Committee on the Status of People with Disabilities in the Profession and as co-chair of its Religion and Disability Studies Group; as a public member on the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Board of Directors; as a member of the Bon Secours Health System Inc, Ethics Advisory Group; as an elected member on the Catholic Theological Society of America; as an appointed member of the Society of Christian Ethics, Professional Conduct Committee.


Areas of Interest

Fundamental moral theology; Catholic social ethics; social justice (with special interest in disability studies, anti-racism, and access to health, education, and economic stability); feminist ethics; virtue ethics; and content and context-attentive theological ethics.


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For additional works by Professor Iozzio, please click here.

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