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Student Spotlight: Alexis Harris

How did you become interested in bioethics?

My interest in Bioethics was spurred by my interest in disability justice advocacy for adults with developmental and physical disabilities in health care. Considering our history of exploitation of this vulnerable population, it has made me very interested in informed consent and patient protections in clinical research.

What qualities in another person do you value, and why?

I value patience and those who do their best to rid themselves of anger. While we all get frustrated, when we are angry, we are not reasonable and are bound to make mistakes we unfortunately cannot take back once we have returned from our throws of anger. That pause between stimuli and reaction is the space we choose to live peacefully and develop meaningful, sincere, and trusting relationships.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?

Some may be surprised to know that I play violin and have done karate for about 11 years now and used to compete before Covid.

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