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Student Spotlight: Flavius Rusu 

Flavius, born in Romania, immigrated with his family to Portland, OR at an early age. He proceeded in earning a dual B.S. in Philosophy and Psychology from the University of Oregon. He is currently the Craves Scholar and helps maintain and produce content for the Bioethics Hub website. As Flavius proceeds with his studies, he intends to focus on bioethical issues surrounding genetics and neuro-technological enhancements.

How did you first become interested in Bioethics?

My interest in bioethics originates from my love of philosophy and psychology. More specifically, I am fascinated by human mind, our behaviors, and their intersection with technology and furthermore, biotechnology. The field of Bioethics allows me to study the forefront of scientific development as it integrates itself within biology. This requires a thorough assessment of the historical, philosophical, psychological, and anthropological influences that have lead up to the present.


What are some hobbies you enjoy?

I love playing and creating music during my free time! I started playing the piano and cello as a child, which ultimately helped develop my musical ear and my love for music. I have explored various other instruments such as the electric, acoustic, and bass guitar over the years. In addition to playing multiple instruments, I have familiarized myself with a digital software that allows me to create music of various genres. Ultimately, music is both a creative outlet and a therapeutic experience which I find essential to my life.​


What is your favorite destination and why?

Although I did not travel this year, I had planned to visit Tibet during the second half of 2020 to pursue a spiritual, mental, and cultural adventure. Specifically, Tibet’s religious and spiritual roots create a wonderful setting in which an individual might attune themselves with an older and richer way of life than the one offered by the modern West. I hope to visit Tibet in the near future and plan on staying for a few months. 


What is your favorite sports team, and why?

My favorite sports team is the Oregon Ducks! Partially because I attended and graduated from the University of Oregon (UO), but also because they’re a great team. Additionally, the history of the Oregon Ducks, specifically the ties that the UO has with Nike (Nike originated on campus in Eugene, OR with the founder providing shoes with lighter sole to the track-and-field athletes), only bolster my fondness for them. Regardless of where I am, I will always support the Oregon Ducks. Sco Ducks!


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